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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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July 28, 2020
New York Needs Real Rent Relief That Centers Marginalized Communities
July 13, 2020
ANHD’s Center for Community Leadership Celebrates Its 2020 Graduates
July 8, 2020
ANHD’s Director of Capacity Building Lays Out What’s Happening with the Center for Community Leadership This Fall

@ANHD ANHD staff getting into the Halloween spirit. We’ve got marble, Smokey the Bear, a witch, Pikachu, and a cat va… https://t.co/SPxB3R1MaR

@ANHD RT @barikaXw: .@RMakinen 'Don't run away from the people who need your service; Run towards them' @betsyplum "We need to listen to riders."…

@ANHD .@kctransit says ridership is a byproduct, and transit leaders shouldn’t be relying on those numbers to make decisi… https://t.co/LQtqCjZbEX

@ANHD “What do you want to invest in? We’ve decided to invest in people in Kansas City” says @RideKCTransit while discuss… https://t.co/EQsq3tgXsf

@ANHD “There’s no recovery from the Coronavirus w/out fully funded public transportation” says @betsyplum from… https://t.co/n3SsGKewr2

@ANHD In just two hours, join @thrivingccnyc to hear their platform demands to #PlanforEquity https://t.co/mIqDkLmThu https://t.co/pEvFnvvawt

@ANHD RT @SenatorSerrano: #HappeningNow: Happy to be part of a virtual #KnowYourTenantRights workshop hosted by @_MuBANY & @MBBANYC. @LegalAidN

@ANHD "This year banks have closed or filed to close nearly 100 branches across the five boroughs, according to data from… https://t.co/ttly1xdQLo

@ANHD “it is critical that all New Yorkers have access to affordable, high-quality financial resources and tools, particu… https://t.co/xGeLYP7iG6

@ANHD Learn more about why branches and Responsible Banking matter in ANHD's #PowerAfterThePandemic series:… https://t.co/fbx7oK4pr1

@ANHD This Wednesday, 6PM, tune in for the @thrivingccnyc platform launch https://t.co/PZ7eTrXPoZ https://t.co/tkGyPFdl31

@ANHD When our communities are not counted in land use decisions, it costs people their housing, small business, social n… https://t.co/VVa2DPJl2O

@ANHD RT @CityLimitsNews: Just a few hours until our #Debatenight breakdown of federal housing policy featuring experts from @weact4ej, @ANHDNYC

@ANHD RT @HousingConCoord: Have you heard about how landlords in some neighborhoods are required to get a "Certificate of No Harassment" if they…

@ANHD RT @limites_una: No se pierda mañana nuestro panel moderado por @jarrettmurphy y @SadefAKully de @CityLimitsNews Panelistas: @barikaXw d…

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