6/19/15:  CDCs – Doing the Tough Job.  Chalk it up to an NYC non-profit affordable housing developer – Pratt Area Community Council – for renovating affordable housing while keeping low-income tenants in their homes, and restoring a New York City landmark, all in one development.

6/10/15:  Valley National’s New CRA Plan .  Valley National Bank”s new plans to acquire another Florida institution, CNLBancshares, comes at a time when community reinvestment is now an integral part of Valley National’s operations.

6/9/15: 421a: If We Can’t Mend It, End It.  ANHD believes the NYS Assembly Bills on Rent Reform (A.7256) and 421a (A.7944) are the proposals to get the affordability our neighborhoods need.   See ANHD’s side-by-side comparison of current Rent Reg and 421a legislative proposals. 

5/26/15:  NYC’s First Banking Needs Assessment . The NYC Community Investment Advisory Board (CIAB) completed its first report as mandated by the NYC Responsible Banking Act (RBA): “2015 Needs Assessment: a Biennial Report assessing the credit, financial and banking services needs in New York City.”

5/22/15:  de Blasio NYCHA plan shows real commitment . De Blasio’s Next Generation NYCHA plan (NextGen) is positioned ensure the future of NYCHA, and come to rank as one of the Mayor’s signature housing legacies.

5/21/15:  The City Needs Updated Zoning to Preserve Industrial Jobs. NYC’s growing manufacturing sector is threatened by a zoning structure that allows for as-of-right uses such as hotels, big box stores, and self-storage in M-zoned areas, and a real estate market that heavily rewards these higher-paying uses. 

5/12/15:  The City Needs Updated Zoning to Preserve Industrial Jobs .  Unless the City reforms land use, its proposed rezonings might replace our small manufacturers and their jobs with far lower paying hotels, mega franchises and self-storage businesses.

5/11/15:  How is Affordable Housing At-Risk in Your Neighborhood?  ANHD released its annual  report today giving a community-by-community listing of affordable units at risk of going market rate.

5/7/15:  Does the Mayor’s 421a Plan Meet Local Needs?   ANHD finds that the plan leaves out key groups – low income and very low income New Yorkers.

5/5/15:  ANHD Testifies for a Stronger Community Reinvestment Act. Federal bank regulators invited ANHD to present our analysis on the community panel at the EGRPRA outreach meeting at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

4/21/15:   Two Non-Profits are the Key to One Flushing’s Success.  Permanently affordable green housing with all the trimmings + economic development. Only a non-profit developer – or two – could pull off housing that’s this comprehensive and successful.

4/21/15:   It’s Not About Nostalgia – Good Jobs Go When Junior’s Bakery Closes.  50 people will lose their jobs as NYC loses Junior’s Bakery to New Jersey. 

4/1/15:  Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning: 4 New Lessons To Make It Work.   Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning can greatly help NYC reach its goal of 200,000 affordable units – when it’s done correctly.  

3/16/15: ANHD Releases State of Bank Reinvestment in New York City: 2014 Report.  ANHD publishes a comprehensive annual report which for 2014 shows both increases in local bank community reinvestments and needs for improvement.

2/24/15:  Strong Zoning for Quality Proposal from AdministrationOn Friday, February 20, the New York City Department of City Planning released a series of zoning proposals entitled, Housing New York: Zoning for Quality and Affordability, committing to several needed, creative zoning changes that  will make it easier to develop the type of affordable housing New York City needs.

2/13/15:  Another Investors Bank Loan, Another Bad Landlord.  Investors Bank makes a loan to a landlord featured in the New York Times and the NYC Public Advocate’s Worst Landlord list for long-term failure to provide heat or hot water to tenants.

2/12/15: Council Speaker Supports Manufacturing Jobs . Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito in her State of the City Speech today pledged to implement the recommendations of an important report,  Engines of Opportunity: Reinvigorating New York City’s Manufacturing Zones for the 21st Century. 

2/5/15:  Local Hearings Begin to Kick Off Responsible Banking Act!   First round of public hearings – one in each borough - start next week! (Feb. 9 through Feb. 18). Now is the time for the community to make its voice heard!

2/3/15:     Affordable Housing and the State of the City.   ANHD weighs in on today’s State of the City address.

2/2/15:  421a Tax Break:  Fix It or End It .  ANHD’s proposal to make the 421a work for affordable housing.

1/29/15:  ANHD’s District Maps – where the 421a tax breaks are.  ANHD provides a community-by-community look to determine where the 421a tax breaks occurred in your neighborhood.

1/29/15:  Which luxury housing got a 421a tax break?  ANHD examines the 421a Developer’s Tax Break including a community-by-community analysis of all the properties that received this tax break in FY 2013.  

1/28/15:  Press Conference 1-29-15: End the 421a Tax Break .   The 421a tax break cheats NYC out of more than $1 billion  each year and puts it into the pockets of luxury housing developers.  See the ANHD  421a community by community listing of developments that got this tax break in FY 2013.

1/23/15:  UPDATE:  Why Airb