4/21/15:   It’s Not About Nostalgia – Good Jobs Go When Junior’s Bakery Closes.  50 people will lose their jobs as NYC loses Junior’s Bakery to New Jersey. 

4/1/15:  Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning: 4 New Lessons To Make It Work.   Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning can greatly help NYC reach its goal of 200,000 affordable units – when it’s done correctly.  

3/16/15: ANHD Releases State of Bank Reinvestment in New York City: 2014 Report.  ANHD publishes a comprehensive annual report which for 2014 shows both increases in local bank community reinvestments and needs for improvement.

2/24/15:  Strong Zoning for Quality Proposal from Administration. On Friday, February 20, the New York City Department of City Planning released a series of zoning proposals entitled, Housing New York: Zoning for Quality and Affordability, committing to several needed, creative zoning changes that  will make it easier to develop the type of affordable housing New York City needs.

2/13/15:  Another Investors Bank Loan, Another Bad Landlord.  Investors Bank makes a loan to a landlord featured in the New York Times and the NYC Public Advocate’s Worst Landlord list for long-term failure to provide heat or hot water to tenants.

2/12/15: Council Speaker Supports Manufacturing Jobs . Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito in her State of the City Speech today pledged to implement the recommendations of an important report,  Engines of Opportunity: Reinvigorating New York City’s Manufacturing Zones for the 21st Century. 

2/5/15:  Local Hearings Begin to Kick Off Responsible Banking Act!   First round of public hearings – one in each borough - start next week! (Feb. 9 through Feb. 18). Now is the time for the community to make its voice heard!

2/3/15:     Affordable Housing and the State of the City.   ANHD weighs in on today’s State of the City address.

2/2/15:  421a Tax Break:  Fix It or End It .  ANHD’s proposal to make the 421a work for affordable housing.

1/29/15:  ANHD’s District Maps – where the 421a tax breaks are.  ANHD provides a community-by-community look to determine where the 421a tax breaks occurred in your neighborhood.

1/29/15:  Which luxury housing got a 421a tax break?  ANHD examines the 421a Developer’s Tax Break including a community-by-community analysis of all the properties that received this tax break in FY 2013.  

1/28/15:  Press Conference 1-29-15: End the 421a Tax Break .   The 421a tax break cheats NYC out of more than $1 billion  each year and puts it into the pockets of luxury housing developers.  See the ANHD  421a community by community listing of developments that got this tax break in FY 2013.

1/23/15:  UPDATE:  Why Airbnb is Bad for Affordable Housing.  NYC Council’s Committee on Housing and Buildings hosted an eight hour oversight hearing, Short Term Rentals – Stimulating the Economy or Destabilizing Neighborhoods? ANHD members say illegal short-term hotels are destabilizing neighborhoods and endangering our affordable housing.

1/20/15:  Stronger Anti-Displacement Tools for a Re-Zoned City.  As the de Blasio Administration announces the rezoning of 15 neighborhoods over the next several years one of the biggest concerns for communities is how this will impact their existing affordable housing.  Click here for blog

1/15/15: Two Steps for Mixed Income Neighborhoods.   With the Furman Center’s report published this weekend showing the erosion of affordable housing in high income / gentrifying communities, ANHD offers 2 methods to keep these NYC neighborhoods equitable.  Click here for blog

1/14/15: Local Hearings Set to Kick Off Responsible Banking Act!   First round of public hearings – one in each borough – are Feb 9 through 18, 2015. Now is the time for the community to make its voice heard!   Click here for blog

12/11/14:  How Does Affordable Housing Get Built in NYC?  The first in a series of blog posts on the nuts and bolts of housing development in New York City.  Click here for blog

12/3/14: City Council Weighs in on Preserving Manufacturing Land & Jobs. City Council’s reportEngines of Opportunity: Reinvigorating New York City’s Manufacturing Zones for the 21st Century, highlights quality jobs via NYC’s industrial and manufacturing sector. The report notes average annual wages in the manufacturing and industrial sector are nearly twice those of the retail, restaurant and hotel sectors, and “the industrial workforce in New York City is over 80% people of color and over 60% foreign-born.”  Click here for blog

12/1/14:  Social Resiliency & Superstorm Sandy: Lessons from 10 NYC Community Organizations.  ANHD releases key white paper.  Click here for blog

11/25/14:  Protecting the Public Interest in Public Land.  The city took the right approach recently when it announced that a 25,000 Square Foot city lot on the West Side of Manhattan slated for affordable housing would be sold for one dollar to a local nonprofit, the Clinton Housing Development Corporation.   Click here for blog

11/17/14:  Astoria Cove Deal Moves the Ball Forward.  ANHD applauds the City’s negotiations for gaining at 27/33 affordability at Astoria Cove, with those units in the 27% being permanently affordable.   Click here for blog

10/30/14: New Opportunity for Astoria Cove.  Just before City Council votes on the Astoria Cove development, the City discovers an error – the upshot is that Astoria Cove should have been mandated for more affordable housing than originally thought.  Will the City now follow through and mandate extra affordable units?   Click here for blog 

10/30/14: Sandy Recovery Report Card.  After a year of coordinating community groups in Sandy-impacted areas to assist recovery efforts, ANHD presents the advances, the needs, and what our focus should be for future resiliency.   Click here for blog 

10/22/14:  Airbnb is Bad for Affordable Housing.  A large segment of the Airbnb host population is controlled by commercial interests renting out multiple apartments as short term hotels – which adds up to a big loss in affordable units.  Click here for blog

10/10/14:  2014′s Worst Landlords:  Who Are They and Who Lends to Them?  Based on Public Advocate Letitia James new, comprehensive list of NYC’s Worst Landlords,  ANHD has researched who lends to these landlords.   Click here for blog

9/22/14:  HPD Puts Important Affordability Details in Place.  HPD to begin monitoring the marketing and re-renting steps of affordable housing, to ensure that units remain affordable.  Click here for blog

9/10/14:  Breaking News:  NYC’s Responsible Banking Act Upheld.  After City Council both passed the RBA bill in 2012 and also overrode a veto from the Bloomberg administration, the New York Bankers Association then took legal action which stalled RBA’s launch.  Today, the NYBA’s objections were overruled so that RBA can begin.   Click here for blog
9/9/14:  Let’s Slam the Door on 80/20 Neighborhoods.  On September 5th, the de Blasio administration made its strongest statements yet about its commitment to mandatory inclusionary zoning.  ANHD is very supportive and also encourages the City to ensure communities are truly affordable, by increasing the number of affordable units and matching the rents to local incomes.   Click here for blog
8/21/14:  New York City’s Responsible Banking Act on Trial.  In October 2013, 15 months after the RBA was passed, the New York Bankers Association (NYBA) sued the City Council over the law.  ANHD’s Jaime Weisberg reports on the court proceedings on Tuesday, August 19th.   Click here for blog

8/18/14: Next Steps for New York City’s Responsible Banking Act. 
 The fate of the New York City Responsible Banking Act (RBA) is now in the hands of the courts. Tomorrow - Tuesday August 19th - is an important step when the judge will hear oral arguments on the RBA, one of the strongest banking ordinances in the country.  Hearing is open to the public Tuesday, August 19, 2pm in the Federal Courthouse at 40 Foley Square.  Click here for blog

8/13/14:  What Counts in the Affordable Housing Countdown.  
Rather than quibble over numbers of units, let’s make sure we build affordable housing that lower-income New Yorkers can actually afford.   Click here for blog

8/5/14:  When a Bank Makes a Loan to a Problem Landlord:  
ANHD reports on a major local bank that recently put millions of dollars into five buildings with an owner who, according to multiple media reports, has made a practice of demolishing occupied apartments as a means of forcing tenants to leave.  Click here for blog

8/1/14:   The Next Big Housing Fight:  the 421a Developer Tax Break:  
The 421a Developer Tax Break cost New Yorkers over $1.1 billion in deferred tax revenue in the 2013 tax year alone. And astonishingly, most City neighborhoods get the Developer Tax Break without having to construct a single unit of affordable housing.  Click here for blog

Borough President Rejects Astoria Cove Rezoning:  In a marked step forward for equitable development, Borough President Melinda Katz has weighed in on the proposed Astoria Cove development – and found it wanting.  Click here for blog

7/22/14:  Poor Door is a Poor Excuse:  
Developers are taking the subsidies for affordable housing and then treating the renters as second class.  Click here for blog

 Valley National Bank under Fire from Advocates:  Weak CRA record + no public benefits plan should not equal permission to expand.  Click here for blog

Council Boosts Support for Housing in City Budget.  The New York City Council passed the 2914/15 City Budget, including  a significant increase in funding for two programs championed by ANHD and our member groups, that support community-based work to  preserve affordable housing:  1) Housing Preservation Initiative (HPI) was increased to $2 million in order to expand the current program from 25 districts to include 15 new districts. This will cover 40 council districts where affordable housing is most at risk;  2) Community Consultant Contract (CCC)  was restored and expanded to $1 million, reversing a 50% cut from recent years that had undermined the program’s effectiveness.  Click here for blog

Analyzing the Mayor’s Housing Plan – Part 4: Financing Commitment, Financing Reform:    The final section of the de Blasio Housing Plan makes a clear financial commitment to find and spend the required money, but also to stop spending unnecessary or inefficient money. The administration appears serious in its promise to drive the best deals possible, with several much needed reforms on the agenda.  Click here for blog

6/20/14: Time for a Rent Freeze.
 ANHD has crunched the numbers to find that the Rent Guidelines Board has overstated rising operational costs.  Meanwhile the City’s Center for Economic Opportunity’s Poverty Measure Report shows that in 2011, an estimated 46% of New Yorkers were poor or near-poor, making less than 150% of the city’s poverty threshold. And according to the 2011 Housing Vacancy Survey, 55.3% of rent stabilized tenants paid more than 30% of their household income in rent, and 33% of tenants paid more than 50% of their housing income in rent. For these and many other reasons, ANHD joins the call for a Rent Freeze.  Click here for blog

6/19/14: Astoria Re-Zoning Voted Down by Community Board 1 in Queens. 
 On June 17th, Queens Community Board 1 voted against the proposed Astoria Cove rezoning because the developer did not provide details on how the project would benefit the community, especially around affordable housing, jobs, and community facilities. The community board specifically asked for an increase from 20% to 35% affordable housing and that it be affordable to low-, moderate-, and middle-income families and remain affordable for the life of the building.  Click here for blog

6/18/14: Analyzing the Mayor’s Housing Plan – Part 4: Bringing Good Homelessness Prevention Policy to Scale.
 In chapter 4 of the Mayor’s Plan, Building New York, the City seeks to reinstate homeless families’ priority for Section 8 rental assistance vouchers and public housing apartments units controlled by the New York City Housing Authority.  The plan also calls for reducing subsidies to private-landlords-turned-shelter-owners  - these emergency homeless shelters are one of the most expensive places to house people, often costing the government in excess of $3,000 a month per unit.  Click here for blog

6/17/14:   New York State Finalizes New Multifamily Slumlord Prevention Guidelines - No CRA credit for loans that result in tenant harassment or loss of affordable housing.
 Governor Andrew Cuomo and DFS Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky at the NYS Department of Financial Services are raising the bar in enforcing community reinvestment: multifamily loans that undermine safe, affordable rental housing conditions will not be eligible for CRA credit.    Click here for blog

Where are the Specifics in Big Astoria Cove Rezoning?   On Tuesday June 10 when Queens’ Community Board 1 held a public hearing on Alma Realty’s proposed rezoning of Astoria Cove, the Board discovered Alma would share no information on the number of affordable units, the level or length of affordability, any plans to hire local residents, and consideration of community impact.   Click here for blog

6/12/14:  Analyzing the Mayor’s Housing Plan = #3:  
 In chapter 3 of the Mayor’s Plan, Building New York,   ANHD discusses the balancing act between housing production and meeting community needs for affordability and services.  Click here for blog.

5/28/14:  Analyzing the Mayor’s Housing Plan – #2:  
 Analyzing Chapter 2 in the Mayor’s Plan, ANHD finds incentives to preserve affordable housing need updating.  Click here for blog.

5/28/14:  Analyzing the Mayor’s Housing Plan – #1:  
Analyzing Chapter 1 in the Mayor’s Plan, ANHD finds that community input is missing from the housing formula.  Click here for blog

5/5/14:  A New Era of Affordable Housing Policy?
 ANHD follows up today’s Mayoral Housing Plan announcement with an analysis of its many strong points – and a few areas that need more bolstering.  Click here for blog

4/28/14:  What the Mayor’s New Housing Plan Should Say:  
ANHD lists what it will take to reach 200,000 truly affordable units.    Click here for blog

4/10/14:  How Much Housing Can Inclusionary Zoning Produce?
ANHD crunches the numbers on three Inclusionary Zoning models – one of which could produce over 30,000 affordable units.  Click here for blog

3/27/14:  Tenants Call for Change in Troubled “3 Boro Pool” Buildings
 Over 100 tenants and advocates rallied on the steps of City Hall last week to urge the City and lenders to preserve affordable housing that is in danger from yet another overleveraged loan gone bad.  The owner of the  Three Borough Pool portfolio, a group of 42 buildings (1,592 units) spread across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, has defaulted on a loan, throwing more affordable housing into foreclosure with a deadline of 4/22/14.  Tenants, advocates, and several City Council members – Ritchie Torres, Brad Lander, Antonio Reynoso, Helen Rosenthal, and Inez Barron - seek to facilitate the transfer of the buildings to a nonprofit, preservation-minded owner.  Click here for blog

2/24/14:  New ANHD Analysis: Bank Reinvestment and Equitable Economic Development.
  As the new City Administration makes important policy choices to shape a new economic development policy, ANHD has released a new white paper to help demystify the economic development category of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and encourage effective partnerships and activities by banks, regulators, government officials, nonprofits and for-profit developers. Click here for blog

2/24/14:  More Housing Must Equal More Affordable Housing.
Under Mayor de Blasio we have the opportunity to do more than just build housing - we need to build the kind of housing that’s truly and permanently affordable to everyday New Yorkers.  Click here for blog

2/18/14:  Welcoming the Mayor’s New Housing Team.
Mayor de Blasio brings in an impressive team.  Click here for blog

2/10/14:   1,500+ more affordable units at risk.
It’s the Bronx again.  ANHD reports on original article that appeared in the NY Daily News, January 28, 2014.  CClick here for blog

1/28/14:   More funds for the “20″ in 80/20.
As of January 2014, New York State is making less funding available for market rate units which leaves more funding available for affordable units in buildings that are 80% market-rate / 20% affordable. Click here for blog

1/22/14:   No more bail-outs for market rate housing unless it includes truly affordable units.
Instead of simply bailing a real estate purchaser out with a rezoning or special permit, there needs to be a serious negotiation over how much of that new high rise is going to be truly affordable to people in the neighborhood.  Click here for blog

1/16/14:  ANHD Calls for Broader Housing Reforms – No more tax abatements without affordability.  
In a January 5, 2014 opinion piece in the  New York Daily News, ANHD lays out how Mayor deBlasio’s affordable housing policy should include Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning and continue with even deeper reforms.   Click here for blog

1/14/14:   ANHD releases new report: 
State of Bank Reinvestment in NYC 2013: With an annual revenue of over $143 billion, the City is banking much of it with the Boston-based State Street Bank Trust which has no obligation under the Community Reinvestment Act to reinvest in our communities.  Click here for blog

11/20/13: Sketching a Roadmap for Equitable Economic Development.
ANHD holds policy conference at the Ford Foundation to release a new report, Roadmap for Equitable Economic Development, authored by Larisa Ortiz Associates and Public Works Partners.  Click here for blog

11/14/13:  NYC Affordable Housing Lotteries - Rents starting at $349 / month.  Click here for blog

10/4/13: Crown Heights real estate 
is hot on profits, cold on affordability.  Click here for blog

9/19/13:  BOSTON WINS !   Passes Responsible Banking Ordinance.  Click here for blog

9/17/13: Making Affordable Housing Unaffordable:
CASA and Urban Justice Center take action in the Bronx against landlords who tack on extra, unwarranted fees to the rent, especially in NYS subsidized housing.  Is this happening in your borough ? Click here for blog

9/17/13: City of New York Banks its Billions in Boston:  
State Street Bank & Trust handles an average of $6 billion of City money per day – and has no CRA obligations to NYC’s communities.   Click here for blog

9/17/13: Cuomo’s Slumlord Prevention Plan for Banks:
No CRA credit for loans that result in tenant harassment or affordable housing loss.  Click here for blog

ANHD’s Affordable Housing Stand in NY Times. In 2017, the City will begin  losing an average of 8,500 affordable units each year because of expiring short-term affordability limits.  Click here for blog

9/3/2013:  The Danger of Speculating in Affordable Housing.
Taxpayer land and money used for affordable housing should stabilize neighborhoods – not put them at risk of gentrification.   Click here for blog

8/28/2013:  Sandy Aid Deadline 9/30:  What to do next.  
  Click here for blog

8/27/2013:  New York State Ahead of New York City in Making Housing Affordable for the Long-Term:
Sets 50 Year Affordability Term for Developments Built with Low Income Housing Tax Credits.   Click here for blog

8/26/2013: 69% of New Yorkers Vote for Guaranteed Inclusionary Zoning and More Affordable Housing – Crain’s poll.   Click here for blog

8/21/2013: HPD Commissioner Mathew Wambua steps down:  Deputy Commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas to head agency.  Click here for blog

8/21/2013:  Inclusionary Zoning = 4,000 Affordable Units / Yr instead of 400.
Here’s why NYC Needs  Guaranteed Inclusionary Zoning:  Between 2005 and 2013, less than 2% of all multifamily building permit applications were affordable inclusionary zoning units.  Click here for blog

8/16/2013: NYC Needs Guaranteed Inclusionary Zoning.
With Voluntary Program, only 2 – 3% of units are affordable.  Click here for blog

8/6/2013:  Two Affordable Housing Lotteries:
Manhattan – Chelsea – 78 rental units; Queens – Flushing – Macedonia Plaza – 142 rental units.   Click here for blog

8/1/2013:  The Micro-Affordable Micro-Units:
Every single Micro-Unit is unaffordable for the typical single-person household.  Click here for blog

6/21/2013:  Mayoral Forum on Housing:    Click here for blog

6/18/2013:  Affordable Housing Goes Postal:
Turning post offices & empty lots into affordable housing & more.  Click here for blog

6/11/2013: Sequester hits home(less):  Click here for blog